Princess Nina

Clayton is always telling Nina that she is his little princess. And she believes it. She says that I am the queen, Dad is the king, she and Hannah and Olivia are the princesses, and Ben is the prince. I'm just wondering where our castle is?

Like a every good princess, Nina loves anything pink and sparkly, and shoes that "click" when she walks. She sings "Ariel," "Giselle," and "Sleeping Beauty" all day long (well, whenever she isn't whining, that is!). She sings princessy songs to Olivia and makes up the words: "Olivia, you are a princess, you are just a little princess." It's pretty fancy singing, let me tell you.

I had to get some pictures before she grows out of this stage like Hannah did. They grow up too fast! At least I have one more princess coming up right behind Nina, so we can keep the dress ups around for a while longer. For some reason that makes me really happy.