ten months already?

We call him Charlie Brown with that perfectly round, bald head. I know the perfect costume for him for Halloween!

A little leaf blew in and he watched its path until it disappeared.

I love his reflections in the glass.

Trying not to let his legs touch the cold cement!

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This little boy is growing up way too fast.

Ten months already?

Here are some pictures from about 2 weeks ago. I'd been wanting to do pictures of him at 9 months, but every time I got him ready he either fell asleep in the car or it started raining {AGAIN}. These pictures were taken in a crazy wind storm within about 5-10 minutes. You wouldn't know, because he doesn't have any hair to blow in the wind, but his poor little lips started quivering because the weather turned chilly! All the other kids came along. Ben and Hannah were shouting, "Let's go! It's freezing!" while Nina and Olivia's lips turned purple from the cold. I'm happy I was able to get any pictures at all!

William is such a sweet baby, and for the most part he is so calm and so happy. His cry is still small and sweet and heartbreaking, yet he's perfecting the art of the tantrum by throwing in the back arch and limpy noodle when he doesn't get his way. He laughs at the smallest things...sometimes a loud squeal and sometimes a single grunty chuckle. This kid growls and grunts while he crawls around shoving toys into his mouth. He's about to pass up Olivia on the growth chart, weighing in around 19 lbs. {Olivia only weighs 22 lbs.!}. I'm thinking he will soon be dishing back all the shoves, face plants to the tile floor and horsey rides that she has so generously bestowed upon the poor child.

On Sundays, I sit at the front of the room for class so that Will has plenty of room to crawl around and play with toys. Usually my friend MJ is there with her baby Mac. The two of them make quite the team. This typically involves chewing on each other's toys, attempting to tip over the music stand, Cheerios feeding frenzies, and loud burps.

Give this kid a car and he immediately starts to push it around. Where did he learn to do that? Total boy.

William has two bottom teeth and that's it. I keep thinking he is teething, but who knows when those other teeth will show up. He does a pretty good job of mashing up food anyway. His favorite thing to eat is pieces of cut up fruit...watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, cherries.

I love you so much baby Will!

P.S. I'm trying to find a substitute for whole milk so that I can start weaning him. He has a dairy allergy, so I can't put him on whole milk! But soy milk, rice milk, etc. don't have the fat content that a baby needs. Any suggestions? I am hoping he grows out of this allergy...95% of babies do outgrow it by age 2, and I hope he will just to simplify things a bit!