the apple orchard and other stories

This past Friday while the kids were off track, I promised to take them to pick apples at the orchard, and miraculously we made it out the door that day before noon. Yay! The orchard was pretty picked over, but they still had fun running through the trees and smacking apples down with sticks.

Like I said, the kids were all off track so it was all 5 of them with me...I was a little nervous about going to Costco afterward, but we were so close it didn't make any sense to drive home and back again. So, to Costco we went. The kids were so excited, it was funny! They hadn't been to Costco for years because I always go while they are in school. They skipped from sample to sample, which was great because then I didn't need to worry about feeding them lunch! Then, we were so close to Target, I decided to get them some new pants for the colder weather too. Wow! I can't believe we did it all in one day. I really was kind of proud of myself for getting all that done with all 5 kids, haha! Thank goodness the kids were good and the baby slept through it all. So that was the good part of my weekend...

That night I was so tired I was determined to go to bed early for once. Haha, yeah right!

The baby decided to stay up until about 2 am, then Nina was scared and came in at some point, then Olivia woke up crying really early, around 6:45. Thank goodness one of the kids got her up for me. But then around 7:00 Nina had a screaming poop wiping dilemma so I had to get up for that wonderful occasion. I went back to bed, only to be awoken a half hour later by the kids telling me that "Olivia has poop on her hand." UGGGH! Then of course the baby woke up. It's all kind of a blur. At least I think that's how everything went!