the beginning of cousins sleepover week

Ah, the lovely bride!

And the little flower girls.

No kissing allowed, only handshakes to seal the deal.

Hooray for cousins!

Here's me and my big belly at 31 weeks. Ben took these last two shots since I'm never in any pictures. He had fun being the photographer for a while!

What a crazy, fun, busy week it's been! We crossed off a bunch of things from our summer "to do" list...starting with a cousins sleepover last Tuesday. Hannah organized yet another "wedding" as soon as the cousins arrived, and managed to talk Ben into being the groom! I wonder if she promised him all her candy too? From there we spent another evening at "the beach," followed by late night root beer floats outside, giggling into the wee hours, and a pancake breakfast.

The next day, more cousins arrived from North Carolina {my sister Cami and her family} there's a lot more to come, including 3 more cousin sleepovers.

All I can say is I'm exhausted! This pregnant lady is ready for some rest :)