The Thank You Snack

What a cute surprise from Hannah...

She put this all together the other night while I was getting Olivia off to bed. It started after school that day when she colored and cut out the crown. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Nothing," she said. "Do we have a white dress I can use?"

Then I noticed she was flipping through her little tea party cookbook and making a list.

Later she went to the store with Clayton, cooked it all up while I was getting Olivia off to bed, and served it to me with a big smile. "Did you know in Sweden the oldest girl in the family makes food for the mom and dad on Santa Lucia day?" She explained how Santa Lucia day is at Christmas time.

I told her that yes, I knew that, and asked, "Did you learn about that in school?"

"Yeah, a couple years ago," she said.

So then she went to bed, and I enjoyed my little snack while all the kids were drifting off to sleep. Later, Clayton said that she used her own money at the store to pay for the carrot and apple! And I realized why she had been asking for a white dress. She used a white shirt and slip instead!

Thank you Hannah, what a cutie you are!