Wee Winter Wonderland

Looking for a fun little craft to occupy the kids while you wrap the presents? Try this one.

Okay, so maybe you will need to help them a bit, but it's quick and simple. We did this tonight with our Cub Scouts and it was a hit {thank goodness, after I spent a stressful afternoon running from one craft store to the next with a screeching one-year-old, and a four-year-old who always needs to pee, tracking down plastic animals and tiny trees...I've gotta stop procrastinating!}.

Lucky for me, I found packets of itty-bitty trees on sale for 99 cents, plus a tube of arctic animals for 5 bucks at Michael's. Perfect! We used paperclips instead of monofilament for hanging, and used tin foil rather than mirrors. Fun.

{photo by Family Fun Magazine}