California! {part four}

The best day at Coronado Beach! Olivia loved crawling around and occasionally taking a bite out of the beach. Sand came out in her diapers for the next day or two! Nina hated getting muddy, but loved building sandcastles with W., and Ben and Hannah wore themselves out jumping the waves and collecting seashells with Chris and Natalie's kids. We saw (and heard) huge bomber jets and fighter planes all day since this beach is next to an Air Force base. And we ate sandwiches, Fritos, and Twizzlers, all with a little crunch of sand mixed in. Sand gets in everything!

At one point we were exploring some tide pools, picking off hermit crabs and touching sea anemones. Two ladies approached me and asked, "Are you a home school family?" Haha! Right. They said they just assumed we were since we are a "big" family, and seemed to be quite educational there on the beach. That is something I really noticed on our trip, that people were always amazed that we had FOUR kids.