California! {part three}

Natalie and W. on Dumbo

Olivia being happy at lunch.

A happy girl after going on Pirates...

Our trusty navigators!

Pull harder!

Cute guy and cute baby.

Celebrity sighting, yay!

Little did I know the line was 1 1/2 hours long to see some princesses...

...but who could say no to girl as excited as this?

Nina checking out her new crown.

Beautiful princess Nina!

The highlight of Nina's trip.

My two little ones.

Nina trying to not step on any cracks, haha! Good luck there, kid.

Peter Pan!

What a blast! You just can't go wrong with Disneyland. The crowds were small and the weather was perfect. It was just too bad the park opened at 10 and closed at 8. Usually it's the other way around. So we weren't able to do everything, but still it was a great day. I wish I had taken better pictures, but it was pretty tricky juggling all the kids and the camera while rushing from one ride to the next. We all kept splitting up too, trading off with the kids and baby and such.

Nina was in love with the idea of meeting some princesses. We missed meeting Tinkerbell at "Pixie Hollow" by literally 30 seconds, so sad. Then the wait to see the princesses was an hour and a half! After a half hour, Olivia was squirming, and I didn't think we could wait anymore. Lucky for us, the sweetest mom was in front of me and offered to hold my place in line if I wanted to leave for a bit. So we explored the princess shop and Nina chose a new crown. She was so cute looking at herself in the mirror with it on her head! Then we hopped back in line with my new friend and finally made it to the princesses...Mulan, Jasmine and Belle. I am glad it worked out because that was such a big deal for Nina.

As I was doing the whole princess thing, Clay had the other kids with him at Star Tours, and lost his iPhone. GREAT. So he called me on Chris' phone, we met up, and he used my phone and installed an app to track his phone. He went to the lost and found on Main Street with Olivia while Chris and I took all the kids to Autopia. We had no idea where Natalie and little W. were. Chaos! The funniest thing was all the looks Chris and I got walking around together with 6 kids. It looked like we were married and had our hands full! I can't believe someone actually turned Clay's phone into the lost and found, but what a relief. Anyway, so that took a chunk of time out of the evening, and before we knew it Disneyland was closing. I just wish we'd had a little more time!