first day of kindergarten

She ALWAYS wants a cross-eyed picture.

Nina has been counting down the days until kindergarten since preschool ended in May. She absolutely loves school, and is such a happier kid when school is in session. Yesterday was the big day and she was smiling from the minute she climbed out of bed! "How much longer until I go to school?" she kept asking. "After lunch," I kept telling her.

Clayton and I drove her to school yesterday so we could be part of the parent paparazzi, you know. Today she took the bus "like Ben and Hannah." I'm so happy that 3 of her best friends are in her class, and she said she's excited to make lots of new friends too.

I didn't think I'd cry. But I did. It was when the teacher said, "Everyone give one last wave to mom and dad!" that did it. But I'm okay.

It sure is quiet here this afternoon with Olivia taking her nap.


I think I can now manage for this baby to come.