my new favorite

I had never even heard of this girl before last week, but now she is my new favorite. Don't you love finding new music that just makes you feel happy? She is local, she is a mom, and she is amazing.

My beautiful cousins (Lindsie and Joi) and my aunt drove up from St. George for the show and invited me, my sisters, and my mom. I'm so glad we went! After some pizza and Italian sodas at CPK, we went and LOVED this girl's fantastic music. The stage was so pretty, decorated with white gauzy fabric draped everywhere, strands of white glittering lights, and red umbrellas suspended in mid-air. Nienie was there hosting, and we even had the chance to meet Mindy herself after the show. Such a great night from beginning to end. Check out her music, it will put you into such a good mood, I promise! Just click on the preview iPod gadget on the right side of her blog.